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Joyce Tapley serves on the Simmons Community Advisory Board

Thank you to Joyce Tapley for her service as a Simmons Community Advisory Board member and partner in research that addresses the cancer burdens in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Joyce and her staff at Foremost Family Health Centers (@Foremost Health) provide comprehensive healthcare services to patients in DFW, regardless of their ability to pay. Today the Foremost team is working hand-in-hand with UT Southwestern Medical Center (@UTSWNews) researchers to optimize care for cancer patients who are also being treated for chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes. These patients require careful coordination of services across primary care and cancer providers so that their complex health needs are managed successfully during cancer treatment.

Foremost clinics serve as an ideal working laboratory for exploring this type of care coordination, and Joyce appreciates the first-hand opportunity to “understand the research process.” Though her research with UT Southwestern is still in the information-gathering phase, Joyce looks forward to seeing “how this study will impact the community.”

If you and your organization would like to join UT Southwestern in conducting research that aims to fight cancer in our community, please visit:

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