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Due to the Coronavirus, we are scheduling visits by appointment only. Please call us at 214-426-3645 and we will determine if we can address your medical condition via phone or on-line telemedicine, or if you need to be seen in person.

We are offering limited emergency dental procedures and routine dental care in accordance with guidelines from Texas State Dental Board and The American Dental Association.

For in-person visits, please do not bring guests unless you need assistance. Children should be accompanied by only one parent or guardian.

For the continued safety and well-being of our patients and staff, Foremost Family Health Centers will require masks to be worn over the nose and mouth by all patients, visitors, and staff in our facilities, including those who have been vaccinated. We firmly stand behind the evidence-based safety measures recommended by the CDC.

If you are a Foremost Family Health Centers patient and you think you may have Coronavirus (COVID-19), or if you have come in contact with someone with Coronavirus, or if you have a fever with shortness of breath, or chills, or body aches, please call us at 214-426-3645. You will be advised by our triage nurse what to do next. Rapid Coronavirus testing is available.