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Important COVID-19 Update: We are offering limited emergency dental procedures only, and the type of dental procedure is based on recommended guidelines by the American Dental Association (ADA).

Make Sure to Schedule a Six-Month Checkup

We believe everyone deserves shiny pearly whites. Your teeth are far too important to neglect! Individuals who neglect proper at-home tooth care and don’t visit the dentist are at risk for cavities, tooth decay, and the loss of teeth. However, visiting Foremost Family Health Centers for a low-cost six-month checkup can make a world of difference. Our board-certified dental professionals provide a wide range of dental services to our patients. Learn more and schedule an appointment today.


Our Patient-Centered and Affordable Dental Services

Our dental services include basic treatments for adults designed to enhance their oral health and improve their smiles. We recommend that all our patients schedule a checkup once every six months. During that appointment, we will verify there is no structural damage, tooth decay, or cavities. In addition to routine checkups, our dentists can provide additional services, such as:

  • Exams / X-rays / Cleaning
  • Fillings or sealants to cover cracks and cavities in teeth
  • Tooth extractions when the tooth is too decayed to save
  • Partials for patients with missing teeth
  • Crowns (on a limited basis) to hide cosmetic flaws in teeth

Improving Health. Promoting Wellness.

$10 Medical Visits. Ask Us How to Qualify.